Sunday Highlights 8.23.2015


We wrapped up the sermon series on homosexuality Sunday morning. You can watch, listen, or download the sermons at our FBC website. With four sermons lasting 45 to 50 minutes each, we obviously covered a lot of information. Yet we still were not able to answer every question or discuss every issue. So beginning Tuesday… Read More »

Danny Lotz Died


Danny Lotz played basketball for the University of North Carolina and was a member of the UNC undefeated 1957 national championship team. He was a dentist and a Christian. He was also married to Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. He died earlier this week at age 78. What caught my attention was… Read More »

They’re Just Kids


They were excited and it showed. They hurried through the house and ran around in the yard. They giggled and talked quickly. They jumped from the diving board and the side of the pool into the clear water. They ate chicken nuggets, watermelon, corn, chocolate desserts, and other stuff. They smiled big smiles and had… Read More »

Homosexuality and the Bible


It seems each day brings more news related to homosexuality and Christian churches and organizations. Last week the Roman Catholic Bishop of Bismarck, North Dakota told parishes to sever their ties with the Boy Scouts of America over the national organization’s decision to allow homosexuals to serve as leaders. He wrote, “I regret my decision… Read More »