First Baptist Church is a Family of Faith
passionately committed to following Jesus.


For a detailed explanation on what Southern Baptists believe, please see The Baptist Faith and Message.


Intimate Worship
Believers worship God in private and with other believers.
Spiritual Conversations
Believers engage people in conversations about God and a personal relationship with him.
Intentional Spiritual Growth
Believers endeavor to learn about the Christian faith, live out the principles of Jesus' teaching and place their faith at the center of their lives.
Spiritual Friendships
Believers become friends with each other, providing encouragement and loving accountability.
Believers communicate with their Father who loves them and desires to hear their praises and requests.
Christ Centered Homes
Believers teach and model the ways of God in their homes.
Believers serve others in obedience to Jesus' example.
Resource Investment
Believers utilize all their God-given gifts, including time, talent and money, in ministry and missions locally and around the world.
These passions are a result of our relationship with Jesus Christ. They serve as a model for what a follower of Jesus looks like. It is the goal of each believer to develop these passions in his or her daily life. That is why our church has adopted these passions as our purpose statement. We use them to guide our ministry planning. The idea is really a simple one. Since the church is a local gathering of disciples, the church should care about the same things God wants His followers to care about.



1878 - First Baptist was organized as a church on November 3, with a small sanctuary completed in 1880 on Hampton Street.

1894 - The sanctuary shown in this photograph (at right) was constructed on the same location as the first sanctuary for $4,500.

1918 - In January the church purchased a lot at the corner of Main Street and Caldwell Street in the heart of Rock Hill for $17,498. Construction on a new $125,000 sanctuary began in 1919.

sideviewofmainstreet1920 - The congregation held their first worship service in the newly completed sanctuary on March 21. Additions to this building were completed in 1937, 1955 and 1984.

1996 - First Baptist purchased 52 acres near I-77 on Dave Lyle Boulevard on March 3 and paid for the land in less than three years.

2003 - Nearly 1,000 people gathered at 3:00 p.m. on March 23 for a Groundbreaking Service at the new property.

2004 - The congregation held its last worship services in the Main Street Sanctuary on March 28.

2004 - The congregation worshipped in the new facility at Dave Lyle Boulevard for the first time at 10:00 a.m. on April 4 with more than 1,500 people in attendance.

2004 - On October 17 the church approved a contract to sell the downtown property to Freedom Temple Ministries and representatives of the two churches signed the contract during an October 18 press conference on the front steps of the downtown sanctuary. Closing occurred on December 22.

2006 - Following the morning worship services on November 19, the church broke ground for an addition to our Dave Lyle Boulevard facility. The addition includes a youth center, gym and church offices.

2007 - Pastor Steve Hogg celebrates his 20th Anniversary and the church opens The Rock, gym, and church offices.